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Standard for Automotive Connector Sheaths

Automotive connectors must conform to the USCAR-20 standard, which is the performance standard of automotive electrical connector system. It stipulates that the contact surface of electrical connectors of automotive connectors should be reliable throughout the life cycle, including the following factors:

1. The material of connector contacts is stable and reliable.

Secondly, the forward force is stable.

3. The voltage and current of the circuit are stable.

4. Temperature requirements should be within the prescribed range, including ambient temperature and its own temperature rise.

5. Better robustness;

6. Connectors for high-speed and long-distance communication computers must be the same, and automobile connectors must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions.

7. Connector insertion force: below 20.5 kg;

8. Connector retention force: 2.5 kg or more;

9. Heat resistance: - 40 - 120 C.